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Television – Appeared On

Vermont Public Television,
RFD #25, Wild Edibles,
Original Broadcast Date:
May 17, 1999

Vermont Public Television,
RFD #30, Chanterelle
Mushrooms, Original
Broadcast Date:
June 28, 1999

Fox News, Morning Show
Interview regarding
Smithsonian Folklife Festival,
Washington, DC,
Broadcast Date:
June 29, 2005

Vermont Public Television,
Outdoor Journal:  Wild in the
Kitchen, Original Broadcast
Date: March 17, 2007
Fund Raising for Vermont
Public Television, On Air
Intervals regarding Wild
Foods and Collecting, 7:00 to
10:00 p.m., March 17, 2007.  
Fresh Wild Winter Food
provided for on air Wild
Cooking Demonstration by
Executive Chef David Hoene,
Pauline’s Restaurant, South
Burlington, VT.

Vermont Public Television,
Outdoor Journal: Wild
Foraging, Original Broadcast
Date:  April 15, 2008
Video Visions, Pilot Show,
“Michael’s Goes Local - ‘Into
the Wild with Nova Kim and
Les Hook’”,  2007

Posters – Appeared On

New England Cultures –
New England Livelihoods
USDA Forest Service, Non
Timber Forest Products,
Marla Emery, USDA Forest
Service, Northeastern
Research Station, Burlington,
VT, 2005

24 Faces of Terra Madre,
World Meeting of Food
Communities, Slow Food,
Turin, Italy, 2006
Audio Archives

The Smithsonian Folklife
Festival, Forest Service,
Culture and Community  &
Food CultureUSA,
Life Stories,
2005, Washington, DC.

The Terra Madre, Delegates
Interviews, 2006, Turin,  Italy.

The Cultural Conservancy,
Native Food Summit,
Life Stories,
2007, Santé Fe, NM .
Publications -
Appeared In

The Pleasures of Cooking
for One,
Alfred A. Knopf, New York,
2009, Judith Jones; The
Gift of Chanterelles, pg 128

The Tenth Muse,
My Life in Food
Alfred A. Knopf, New York,
2007, Judith Jones;
Treasures of the Good
Earth, pgs. 176-178

Cooking with Shelburne
Farms, Food and Stories
from Vermont
Viking Studio, NY, NY,
2007, Melissa Pasanen
with Rick Gencarelli, Wild
Mushrooms – Listening to
the Land, pgs. 105, 107-
109, 114-115, 262

The New American
Alfred A. Knopf, New York,
2005, Joan Nathan; Nova
Kim, The Wild Mushroom
Lady of Vermont, pgs. 220,
240, 445

Special Forest Products
in Context:  Gatherers
and Gathering in the
Eastern United States,

Nova Kim and Les Hook,
Wild Edibles Dealers –
Vermont, by Marla R.
Emery, USDA General
Technical Report NE-306,
Forest Service,
Northeastern Research
Station, October 2002, pgs

In A Vermont Kitchen –
Foods Fresh from Farms,
Forests and Orchards
HP Publishing, The
Berkley Publishing Group,
Penguin Putnam, Inc.,  
New York, NY,  Amy Lyon
& Lynne Andreen, 1999,
Mushrooms, The Art of
Foraging for Mushrooms,
pgs. 268-269, 394.  
Store Your Wild Pantry
Gareth McConnell, Photographer
Nova Kim
The Way We Eat - Out of the Kitchen,
Into the Field;
Melissa Breyer, July 13, 2008
New York Times Magazine
Photographer & Interviewer          
Anne Hilliard, NRCS
public affairs specialist
Nova Kim & Les Hook
Focus on the Field:
A Voice for theWildthings
Conservation Service  
Sarah Ashworth, Nova Kim &
Les Hook
In Search of the
Fiddlehead Fern
VT Public Radio, News
Marla Emery
Nova Kim and Les Hook
Special Forest Products in
Gatherers and Gathering in
Eastern United States, Oct 15,
Producer, Emily Botein
Les Hook & Nova Kim
Depending On Nature -
Wild Crafting
Stories from the Heart of
the Land - 2007
Atlantic Public Media
Article by Stephen Morris
part of "The Family" back row
The Les & Nova Show - Winter
Green Living Journal: A Practical
Journal for friends of the environment
Photograph & Article
Deborah S. Schapiro
Nova Kim & Les Hook
Foraging - Into the Wild -
Winter 2008
Good Food - Earthly Delights
October 2005
Yankee Magazine
Photograph by Pari Sadri-Hoffman
Les Hook, Nova Kim & Kaboodle
Photograph courtesy of the
Fiddlehead Festival
Nova Kim & Les Hook
Fiddlehead Festival - 2010
Les Hook
The New York Times
Les Hook & Nova Kim
Multi Media Slide Show
Oliver Strand
Chefs Look for Wild Ingredients
Nobody Else Has
Oliver Strand and Joe DiStefano
Published: November 23, 2010
The Cultural Conservancy
Traditional Foodways of Native America
Les Hook & Nova Kim
Oral Histories of Native Food
Revitalization” Audio Recording Project
Jordan Silverman,
Melissa Pasanen, Article
Les Hook & Nova Kim
The Value of Wild Plants
The Art of Eating, Spring
2010, No. 84

International Society of