Terra Madre  -  Turin, Italy  -  2006
Slow Food World Meeting of
Food Communities
Wild Resources Presentator
Les Hook and Nova Kim
Smithsonian Folklife Cultural Festival -
2005Food Culture USA
Nova Kim and Chef Tom Bivins, NECI
Washington, D. C. - 2005
Smithsonian Folklife & Cultural Festival
Opening Ceremonies
Joan Nathan...Nova Kim..
About Us
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Smithsonian Folklife & Cultural Festival - 2005
Forest Service,
Culture, and Community
...Nova Kim and Les Hook
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As a result of our activism, we
were invited to give testimony
by the U.S. National Research
Council's Committee on
Prospects & Opportunities for
Sustainable Management of
America's Nonfederal Forests
in 1995.


May of 2007, we traveled to
Sante Fe to participate in the
Native Food Summit in
conjunction with the Slow
Food RAFT Project.


August 2007, invited
participants/contributors to the
"Place-Based Foods at Risk in New
England and the Maritime Provinces",
RAFT Project.

Trading at the River 2008
Conference, a Gathering of
Native American Businesses
& Entrepreneurs, Food from
Source to Table: Old Ways
and New Opportunities Panel,
Portland, Oregon.
We have over 80 years
combined experience
hunting the woods and
fields of Vermont for wild
foods and medicines.  

We supply six high-end VT  
restaurants,  a CSA for wild
foods, and meet much of
our own food and health
needs with the fruits of our

Much of our lives have
been spent teaching and
advocating for the woods
and all the other beings.
The Smithsonian Folklife
Food Culture USA...Nova
Kim and Les Hook are
wildcrafters in the
Northeast Kingdom of
Vermont.  They make their
living selling wild food to
Smithsonian Folklife
Festival - Food Culture
E-cards - The Portraits of
Terra Madre - United
States~Hook Leslie, VT
Native - Wild Plants,
Herbs, Mushrooms.
United States~Kim Nova.
VT Native - Wild Plants,
Herbs, Mushrooms...
E-cards - The Portraits of
Terra Madre
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